Tricks To Last Longer In Bed

Ever wonder how much better sex would be if you could make yourself go on for a longer time? We know how important it is for you not only to feel the pleasure, but also to ensure that you please your partner just as well. Here are a few tricks that will help you keep your partner happy for an extra-long time during sex. And if you want to know more then discover even more here.

Don’t think about it

You read that right. As you make love, get the thought about the end out of your mind and stay in the moment. As you enjoy each moment without getting too worked up about how long it will last, you will find yourself going on for a much longer time and pleasing your partner too. While the act usually gets over when you ejaculate, the more you prolong it, the more your partner enjoys the experience.

Practice makes you perfect

It might sound a bit too obvious, but the more you do it, the better you get at it. And we don’t just mean intercourse. Practice by yourself too if you wish – as you masturbate, work on making yourself last longer. It may be frustrating in the beginning, but always think about the end goal – of making your partner happier in bed. The longer you can last as you masturbate, the longer you can hold your erection even when you are with your partner.

Breathe deep

Taking deep breaths not only helps keep your mind calm and prevents you from getting stressed out, it is also a great way to delay your ejaculation. A deep breath helps you regain control over your senses and helps you overpower any feeling of climax when engaging in sexual activity. Also, try regulating your breathing during sex by breathing out when you thrust in to help you last longer.

Switch positions

When you’re on top and thrusting into her, it makes it very hard not to lose control and come quickly. This is because you strain yourself a lot in the missionary position and there is also a tendency to thrust harder when in this position. On the other hand, when you lie back and your partner is on top, your body gets to relax much more and there is much lesser pressure building up on your penis making you want to climax. When she’s on top, she not only gets more control, but also gets to alternate better between going hard and taking it slow. Also, she gets to enjoy this much more – and not just because it goes on for a longer amount of time!

External aid

When everything else fails, there are a lot of products available in the market to prevent you from ejaculating too soon. You can use desensitization creams, sprays, lubricants and condoms that work by numbing the sensation on the nerve endings present on the tip of your penis. The lesser the sensation you feel on the tip, the longer you can maintain your erection without feeling the need to ejaculate.