Explaining the Art of How to Delay Orgasm

How to delay orgasm is a question that is asked not only by men, but also by their female partners who want to help them out to resolve this issue. The contemporary woman is not at all like the traditional kind, and also wants to enjoy sex and making love with her partner. In this respect, as a man now you are in a more difficult situation since now you need to ensure that everything goes along perfectly for her to be completely satisfied. Women get really irritated by men who end up with an early orgasm, which is why they want to find ways through which you can delay orgasm as long as you can. Apart from that, even men want to delay orgasm so as to take greater pleasure of their experience and fulfil their desires.

The fact of the case is that most men are just unable to delay orgasm for more than five minutes, which means that the entire idea of being able to last for the next 20 minutes would sound very enticing. While this might sound completely unrealistic and naive at first, but there are methods through which you can actually achieve this milestone. Like everything else, even sex needs a lot of practice for you to perfect yourself for this art which has been studied upon since ancient times. Masturbation can be considered to be a great method through which you can actually develop the ability to delay orgasm easily. When you are masturbating, keep in your mind that you have to delay your orgasm for as long as you can, since this would go a long way in ensuring that you are able to sustain your orgasm when you are doing the real thing.

Knowing how to delay orgasm can really enhance the pleasure of your intimate experience and bring you closer to your partner.