Last Longer In Bed Exercises

Since most men draw their self confidence from their sexual prowess their male ego can often be bruised when they find themselves suffering from premature ejaculation. However there is good news for the men who are silently suffering from not only the embarrassing premature ejaculation but also with unsatisfied sexual partners. There are numerous last longer in bed exercises which naturally help men to treat their premature ejaculation problem. There exercises help last in bed longer by increasing the sexual endurance and the sexual stamina. However the man must remain dedicated to the exercise routine to see long lasting results.

The exercises involve increasing the blood flow which increases the blood flow to the penis thereby not only making it look indirectly bigger but also helping the man to last longer in bed. However the last longer in bed exercises must be first performed while sitting and when the endurance increases the last longer in bed exercises can be performed standing.

Last Longer in Bed Exercises:

The last longer in bed exercises involves tightening of the anal muscles and at the same time drawing in the urethra or the bladder outlet. Hold the contraction position for at least 5 seconds before letting go. Relax and then tighten the muscles again. This exercise must be repeated at least 15 times every day and the time to hold the contracting position must be increased gradually. The exercise must be repeated in sets of 3 with 10 seconds to 15 seconds break in between.

The exercises must be done alternatively with slow contractions and release and then with fast contractions and release. Hence you can alternate sets of slow contractions and sets of fast contractions. While performing the exercise you must never use your hands to tighten the muscles and you also never hold your breath. The breathing must be kept normal and the stomach should not be pulled in tightly. The exercise can be done almost anywhere however while sitting. You can perform the exercise while watching TV or while in front of the computer.

The Squeezing Last Longer in Bed Exercises:

Squeezing is one of the most popular last longer in bed exercises. This involves starting the sexual intercourse in a normal manner with foreplay and penetration. However once you feel the sensation of ejaculation, withdraw and get your partner to squeeze the end of the penile shaft till the sensation of ejaculation has subsided. Wait for another 30 seconds before resuming the sexual intercourse. While waiting you can always indulge in foreplay or get your partner to experience multiple orgasms. The squeezing process can be repeated multiple times till you are ready to ejaculate. Prolonged usage of the squeezing technique will allow you to naturally delay the ejaculation without having to withdraw thus helping you prevent embarrassment in bed by finishing off early and ending up with an unsatisfied sexual partner.

The last longer in bed exercises help men to naturally increase their sexual stamina and endurance without having to subject their bodies to artificial creams and pills to last longer in bed.