How Long Do You Think You Can Last?


Remember when you were a kid and you would have contests to see who could last the longest underwater. If you had a contest to see who could last longest in bed, how would you fare against other men? If you are feeling a little insecure about the amount of time you are able to delay your ejaculation and would like to increase your stamina, Superman Stamina may be the perfect training video to invest in.

Just like holding your breath under water, the more you practice, the more you hold your breath, the longer you build. The more practice you have, the more training you practice, the better you will do. That same principle is applied in Keni Styles Superman Stamina video. Keni Styles, a world renowned porn star believes and has proven himself that learning to last longer in bed is about retraining yourself and practicing different techniques to control your junk during sexual intercourse.


His video is an instructional video where he goes along banging his costars while teaching you his techniques at the same time. It is a real time, real life porn video that talks you through the steps he takes in order to hold out on his own ejaculation while he’s doing it. You are not only encouraged to practice along, you are required. The whole premise is that the only way to learn to control yourself is through trying different things. During the video while he is pounding on his costars, he will teach you how to change motion, pace, and position to be able to calm and slow down the process of ejaculating. This is by far the most comprehensive and real instructional video that you can watch. I’m not going to lie, it is very enjoyable as well.